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Hi, I'm Dinesh, certified personal trainer Camberwell

Spending the last 30 years training in many physical disciplines, and learning how bodies work, has taught me the 'fads' and 'trends', from the facts and the proven. I've tested every diet, and exercise training principle so you don't have to waste your precious time doing so. 

My personal training service is fully mobile and I bring the gym to you in Camberwell & surrounding areas.

Working as a Personal trainer in Camberwell London, has given me the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life. From dancers, actors, and fighters, to lawyers, nurses and CEO's. My desire is to take you further than you thought possible, in fact, this is where my passion and energy bubble over. I want you to feel as good as I do.

I pride myself on ensuring my clients training is sustainable, and enjoyable.

if you live in Camberwell or surrounding areas and you want a Personal Trainer, It doesn't matter what your fitness level is, what matters is where it's going, take the first step and get in touch with me to arrange a free trial session.

Personal Trainer Camberwell SE5 Peckham SE15 London  weight loss

With Holloywood star Dolph Lundgren after a tough workout, just before he set off to film 'the expendables 3' in Thailand.



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personal trainer camberwell se5 peckham se15 weight loss

“I have been training with Dinesh a couple of years now, and each time I train he pushes me to beat my own performances in a very supportive and fun way. I look forward to my sessions and each time I go I feel stronger. He makes training fun and enjoyable, and supports it with helpful nutritional advice. I would definitely recommend him as a trainer"

Phoebe, Primary school teacher​

MY personal trainer camberwell se5 peckham se15 weight loss

“I've been training with Dinesh for about 6 years - never had a PT before. We've been doing boxing and free weights etc, always quite varies but well structured. I am transformed! I enjoy our sessions enormously. always feel pushed to limit but not brutalised! I have become much fitter and stronger. I couldn't recommend Dinesh highly enough and he's a fantastic bloke too". ​

Adrian Pay, Barrister

Personal trainer near me camberwell se5 peckham se15 weight loss

“I contacted Dinesh after an adult lifetime of lower back pain. At the time I would never have dreamed that the cardio, sparring and weightlifting routine he designed for me would even be possible, let alone successful, for someone with a back issue like me. I look forward to my 'sesh with Dinesh' as it's become known in my house, no matter what the weather. He puts together intelligent programs that work for the client. He pushes you to the limit of your comfort zone, and he will change an exercise on the spot if he thinks it will work better at the time. I always stride away feeling well worked and energised". 

Allan Ramsay, 62

Health & Fitness trainer camberwell se5 peckham se15 weight loss

“I've been training with Dinesh for 2 years now. Primarily for general health and toning. As someone that works hospital shifts flexibility with training times is really important to me. Dinesh makes training really easy for me to fit in with my work and varies training methods to keep me motivated, interested and improving. He encourages me to push myself further but always within my limits, both physically and mentally. I have never enjoyed working out alone and have often wasted large amounts of money on unused gym memberships. With Dinesh, I'm motivated and positive about training".

Lisa, 33 yrs, Hospital shift worker.

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