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What's your goal?

We've all been there. We promise ourselves We'll get healthier, start randomly, lose motivation when we don't get the result, and start over again. Don't be the cliche of walking round a gym aimlessly, wondering what machine to use next. You deserve the best and most efficient and empowering trainer you can find - Me! Let's get to work and improve you now! 

personal trainer camberwell se5 peckham se15 weight loss



I will find what training style works best for you and create a sound structure that is updated almost weekly. This ensures you the maximum result for your effort. I focus on achieving your fitness goal. Long after your training session has ended, the research and planning continues. I will also be somebody that you will be accountable to! you will also get the mental benefits of training.

Training with me isn't easy, in fact it's hard, very hard. I try to make every session as enjoyable as it is challenging - I want you to enjoy it! 

      London marathon finishers medal

personal trainer camberwell se5 peckham se15 weight loss


Weight loss is one of my most popular areas. During a weight loss session with me you will burn a huge amount of stored energy (bodyfat), as well as elevating your metabolism to keep your calorie burn rate high. We will start at a comfortable level and progress as rapidly as possible. I can also offer you sustainable nutritional advice. 

Meet Amy, be like Amy!

personal trainer camberwell se5 peckham se15 weight loss



My love of weights started when I bought my first set in 1990, since then I have gained an immense knowledge of strength training and it's application to different goals such as strength/bodybuilding/aesthetics. Training with me will get you stronger than you have ever been. I'll also teach you how to lift safely, which will become a tool you will retain for life. It will also improve your posture, which in turn will make your body more efficient.

Client deadlifting her bodyweight + 20%

personal trainer camberwell se5 peckham se15 weight loss posture



Training with me will get you fitter than ever before. Your energy level will increase, your body will become more efficient, and everyday tasks will become easier. Using different types of fitness training, your gains will come fast.

Client age 53 - 6AM battle ropes!

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