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Case study

Meet Kelly - The first graduate of my 'ultimate' program

A busy professional with a demanding job, that involves a lot of overseas travel. 

In September 2023 Kelly decided she wanted to be in better shape. she was concerned with losing strength as she got older, and also bone density and the risk of osteoporosis. Kelly decided to get a DEXA scan (link at bottom of page). The scan showed her body composition in detail. Her scan revealed she was holding onto a fair bit of visceral fat (the dangerous internal fat). 

After speaking to Kelly, I spent a lot of time researching and speaking to other professionals in my network. I designed a 3 month training/diet program for her, bearing in mind it had to be sustainable and easy to stick to, due to her travelling for work.


Kelly trained with me 1-2 times a week, and stayed fairly close to her diet (she still attended numerous work related dinners/lunches etc). the difference now was that she was using a very simple training formula, and she also fully understood how what she ate would affect her that day.

In December 2023 Kelly had her 3 month bodyscan, her results were -

Bodyfat loss of 2.3 kg (2.5%)

Muscle mass gain of 1kg

Visceral fat loss of 20% (a stunning result)

Bone density increase of 1%

Along with feeling lighter, stronger, more confident, she has also reduced her risk of osteoporosis, and by lowering her visceral fat by 20% she has increased her life expectancy, and risk of age related diseases.

Will you give yourself the best and become a graduate?

You'll develop long term methods along the way, and improve your health and life expectancy.

Don't wait, get in touch and book your consultation now!

ultimate graduate kelly. lost weight built muscle got healthy

Kelly gained the knowledge and confidence to train on her own. Here she is in the Caribbean working out, using the same simple training formula. 

September 2023

personal trainer se5 scan2

December 2023

personal trainer se5 scan1

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